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Commercial Property Maintenance Services:

Spring Clean-Up
Designed to address winter wear-and-tear, and rejuvenate your landscape for the growing season. During the Spring Clean-Up, we'll clean, weed and mulch your planting beds, detail any perennials needing attention, and prune to remove any winter kill from shrubbery and ornamental trees, to freshen your landscape and prepare it for greener days of summer.

Mowing Services
Full-service grounds maintenance and policing, including cutting of all turf area to appropriate height depending on weather conditions, line trimming and blowing of all hardscape areas, and edging of sidewalks, curbs, and parking areas, as needed.

Shrub Pruning
Informal shrubbery will be hand-pruned, and all formal shrubbery will be sheared. All flowering shrubs will be pruned, after bloom.

Fertilization Program
Our fertilization programs are site specific to fit your individual lawn and shrub needs, and are applied by one of our certified licensed applicators.  We also provide landscape insecticide, fungicides, and horticulture oil applications preventatives, or as a treatment to rid nasty landscape pests.

Winter Snow Services
Full-service snow removal services are offered to commercial customers.  Services include the latest ice melt technologies, having to virtually avoid all sand usage, saving you money in sweeping. We provide plow service for all roadways and parking areas. Also, sidewalk clearing and ice melt surface applications, should the conditions warrant.  We have large equipment to handle blizzard conditions.

Note:  We do not provide residential snow plow services.

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