Landscaping Services

Sod Installation

If you’ve moved into or built a new home that has no lawn, or the state of your lawn could be described as “rough at best,” then call B&M Landscape and have fresh, new, healthy sod installed! We take the time to ensure that your new sod will properly adhere and develop a strong root system to last for years of seasonal weather.


Hydroseeding involves spraying a thoroughly mixed suspension of water, grass seed, wood or cellulose fiber mulch, and fertilizer on fresh topsoil through a wide hose and nozzle. It can be used to help restore a damaged or dying lawn, or even build a new one from scratch! Contact us for a hydroseeding treatment and revitalize your lawn today.

We Have Over 25 Years Of Experience Working With HOA’s & Condominiums!


Overseeding & Slice Seeding

Slice seeding will introduce new grass seed with direct soil contact to ensure a good germination of the seed, which is why we recommend slice seeding for lawns with a few bare spots, but otherwise healthy overall. Overseeding is another way to bring life to your lawn and ensure consistent health for years to come.

Landscape Design

Our expert team has over 25 years experience working with all aspects of lawn care — including design! We can work with you to design a beautiful walkway, back or front yard flowerbed arrangement, or even a relaxing backyard patio.

Athletic Field Maintenance

Athletic fields require consistent maintenance to look crisp and presentable on game day and to stay healthy all year round. B&M Landscape is here to provide regular field maintenance with special care taken to ensure strong and resilient root systems to withstand the wear and tear it was designed for.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Whether you need a full property maintenance package, or regular scheduled mowing — B&M Landscape is here to help! Homeowners Association and Condominiums are our specialty!