Commercial Property Maintenance

Mowing Services

No matter the size or layout of your commercial lawn area, our team can lay out a plan of action to have your property looking clean and crisp. Our workers have great attention to detail, leaving perfect patterns and keeping your property looking neat and professional.

Property Maintenance Package Includes:
Spring Cleanup, Mowing, Shrub Pruning, Fertilization, & Winter Snow Services!


Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Keep your public areas and walkways clear of leaves and debris with our Fall and Spring clean-up service. Our team will make several thorough passes over the area to ensure  that your pathways are clear and that no debris is left behind.

Winter Snow Services

When you’re in need of consistent snow removal service, you can count on the professional team at B&M Landscape to be there to help. Our services are available for commercial parking lots, walkways, and entryways only — we do not offer residential snow removal. Snow removal also includes sand and ice-melt!

Shrub Pruning

Overgrown or unruly shrubbery can detract from the overall appeal of your property. Let our experienced team keep your hedges and shrubs in line with our pruning services and maintain your curb appeal today.

Fertilization Services

Are your flowerbeds having trouble staying lush and vibrant? Let us assess the situation and determine the best fertilization solution to have your flowerbeds looking bright, colorful, and fresh throughout the entire season.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Whether you need a full property maintenance package, or regular scheduled mowing — B&M Landscape is here to help! Homeowners Association and Condominiums are our specialty!